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One Million Michigan Patriots

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One Million Michigan Patriots

What is a Patriot?

A Patriot is a person who loves freedom, loves America and is willing to stand for the Original Intent of our Constitution. Patriots strive for truth, justice and liberty and are the ones willing to stand up and call out the corruption, not only in our government, but in our society. They acknowledge our Unalienable Rights come from God and not man, therefore, man cannot take them away. The Patriots, just like our Founding Fathers, know without God, our fight for freedom is hopeless.

Our Founding Fathers pledged to one another their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. Having “sacred honor” means you cannot be bought. Patriots are not perfect, but they have good, sound, moral character. They have compassion on people and help others.  They don’t just sit back and complain; they care enough to get involved. Patriots know who they are and what they stand for. John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

They don’t back down when others shout at them “racist, ignorant, fascist, intolerant, white supremacist, neanderthal, deplorable, sexist, white privileged, Islamophobe, misogynist, hater and white federalist.” They refuse to pass down to their children a Communist-America because others shout lies who are blinded to the truth.

County-by-County: God’s “Hand” of Authority

Michigan has 83 counties in which the Lower Peninsula is in the shape of a “hand.” All throughout Michigan, Patriotic grassroots groups are forming organically, most of them county-by-county with no single leader over all of the groups. Each county in Michigan, for the most part, is autonomous with the Sheriff having the greatest authority. With this constitutional authority, the Sheriff can deputize citizens forming a militia in order to protect the county from foreign and domestic attack. The Sheriff has the responsibility to uphold his/her oath and protect his/her constituents from all mandates and laws that violate the Original Intent of the Constitution. This is called being a “Constitutional County” which is the Original Intent of our Constitution.  Socialist-Marxists have been usurping all power-authority from the local government through programs that offer huge sums of money to local officials to go along with new mandates and regulations, increasing the size of our federal government. The minds of our children have been “sold” to the state and federal government as parents who express their concerns are called “terrorists.”

The Spiritual Symbolism of Numbers: Michigan, by population, is the 10th largest state and has a population of 10 million people. 10% of 10 million is One Million. A group of Patriots assembled together in the 10th month (October) to “Call Forth” One Million Michigan Patriots. 10% is considered a tithe, a remnant, a test and is symbolic of God’s divine order. 10% brings redemption to the other 90%. Michigan has 83 counties. One Million Patriots divided by 83 counties is approximately 12,000 people per county. One way to spiritually understand the number 12,000 is to see it as 12 x 1000. 12 is symbolic of authority and perfection in government. 1,000 is the number of a military unit in Israel in the Old Testament.

Put all of the symbolism together: “God is raising up an army of Patriots to expose the darkness and put our government back in His divine order, a Constitutional Republic.”

The Bronze Wall Alliance along with over 100 Patriots “Called Forth” One Million Michigan Patriots on October 23, 2021, in Casco Michigan during We The County Day Celebration. Proclamations have great power. Join us! Note: BWA is in no way suggesting or encouraging violence. This is a list of the original signatories for the Bronze Wall Alliance:

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2A Patriot ==> https://2apatriots.us [6]

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