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Serving Notice: The Truth Will Prevail Movement


-Serving Notice- The Truth Will Prevail Movement

The most important voice of all is yours! It is through grassroots efforts that we will regain our freedoms. It all starts with our local community. This is where we can have an impact, this is where we can bring change, this is where your voice makes a difference! But you must get involved, and then the “you” becomes the “we” as “we” stand together as One Voice.

“Decisions are made by those who show up” -Benjamin Franklin

It only takes one voice at a school board meeting, a township meeting, a county board meeting to bring change. The good news is you don’t stand alone! We believe there are One Million Patriots in Michigan that will unite together.

County-by-county we will break off the chains of tyranny as we put true grassroots leaders into positions of authority. True grassroots leaders are not loyal to any political party, but to our Constitutional Republic, our Bill of Rights and other Patriots. They cannot be bought or sold and their only “special interests” are to serve their constituents with honor and transparency. Their goal is to bring the authority to govern back to the local community. They are servant-leaders fighting for the greatest cause of all mankind: freedom! These are the Magna Carta Leaders.

When our Founding Fathers stood up to fight back, they “served notice” to the King of Great Britain through a document called “The Declaration of Independence.” They stated their concerns with the King in writing, signed the document and sent it to him. A declaration is a very powerful statement that can rally people together to bring about change. This all stemmed from the Magna Carta.

The Marxist-Socialist are attacking our Constitutional Republic. If we do nothing, we will become slaves to communism. The Truth is very powerful as the light will overcome the darkness. We will declare the Truth knowing it will prevail. We are “-Serving Notice-” to people in authority in our county letting them know, we will hold them accountable for the decisions they make. For those with understanding this is the Queen Esther Decree.

In his book “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates” Matthew Trewhella explains about this doctrine and how it relates to the Magna Carta. The doctrine of the lesser magistrates has been in existence for hundreds of years. It is the understanding that man should obey the laws of God over the laws of man and if a magistrate makes an unjust law, the lower (lesser) magistrates should interpose for the people. In other words, the lower magistrates choose to honor God and protect the people from the tyrannical magistrate.

The doctrine of the lesser magistrates was formalized in a document called the “Magna Carta.” In the year 1215, Christian nobles stood on the field of Runnymede, England to defy King John’s tyranny towards the people. It was their combined efforts that forced the King to sign the document which gave the people of England their rights.

The year is 2022 and we are at a point in history where our actions will determine who will rule: the elite through communistic control, or We The People through our Constitutional Republic? The darkness or the light? Deception or the Truth? Today, right now, I ask you to choose the Truth and stand with We The People, the Patriots by “-Serving Notice-” The Truth Will Prevail!

The Seven Steps to “Serving Notice”

Here is the good news; you can take one step, or you can take all seven steps. Your journey is up to you.

Step 1. Post the blog “-Serving Notice- The Truth Will Prevail” to all social media sites (click here) [1].

Step 2. . Download and print the Letter of Declaration. Sign, date and fill in your address (click here) [2]. Please hand sign every letter of declaration. Do not fill out one letter and make copies.

Step 3. Send your first signed letter to your county Sheriff (click here for addresses) [3].

Step 4. Send other letters of declaration to those in authority in your county or who you deal with personally such as employers, doctors, lawyers, police and elected officials.

Step 5. Tell others about this movement. Request your free business cards to spread the word by contacting We The County: msmith@wethecounty.org [4] give your name and address requesting -Serving Notice- cards.

Step 6. Go out two-by-two to county board meetings, school board meetings, township meetings and other meetings to -Serve Notice- by reading the Letter of Declaration. It takes about 4 minutes, 30 seconds to read this letter and most meetings will only allow 3 minutes of open comments per person. The first person reads the first 3 paragraphs and the second person reads the last portion. When finished, hand out copies to every person on the board. Bring with you unsigned letters of declaration to give to people at the meeting encouraging them to get involved.

Step 7. Have courage and great hope knowing you are shining the light of Truth and the light will overcome the darkness! This will lead to each county becoming Constitutional Counties. Go to WeTheCounty.org and become a member. Your one voice is now One Voice with thousands of people and together we will -Serve Notice- The Truth Will Prevail!



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