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Stop The Maskuerade


Masquerade: to be disguised or passed off as something else.

Covid-19 is real, and people have died, but the severity of the pandemic is a masquerade, a “scamdemic.” Covid-19 is a virus that many believe was created or altered from the Coronavirus. It’s a flu virus that has been around since 2001. The government is using fear to control people to cause anxiety, worry, depression, and other mental illness. They do not want things to go back to “normal” and are causing as much disruption as possible. First, it was until we flatten the curve, then it was to stop the surge, and now it is until the virus is under control. News flash: the only thing out of control is our government and the news/social media.

Small businesses have shut down while Walmart was allowed to remain open. In Nevada, casinos are allowed to be packed with hundreds of people, but churches remain shut down. Thousands of protesters and rioters can be side-by-side in the streets, but people must remain six feet apart in a restaurant that can only be at 50% capacity. Why? Because Small businesses and Churches are the backbone of our social, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

The number of deaths and people testing positive have been inflated to appear much greater than they actually are. Many people have spoken out about loved ones who died of causes other than Covid-19, but their death certificate indicated death from the virus. There are laboratories in Florida that test for Covid-19 that have indicated 100% of the people tested were positive. Obviously, this is nearly impossible, and something is wrong. How many similar instances added fake-manipulated numbers to the “surge?”

The evidence indicates our Government and health officials have manipulated the numbers and medical facts about Covid-19. In extreme prejudiced, no opposing medical opinion is tolerated but instead is harshly rejected. The news media and social media platforms censor any information that does not line up their narrative.

“On July 27th, a group of frontline doctors gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court to share their success in treating COVID-19 patients with HCQ. Dr. Stella Immanuel, who currently runs a practice in Houston, says that she has treated over 350 patients with the drug with zero fatalities. Other doctors shared their belief that masks are ineffective and that children are not susceptible and should return to school in the fall.

She cited a study which had recently been published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine evaluating if hiccups were a symptom of COVID-19. In the study, patients who tested positive for COVID-19 were treated with hydroxychloroquine. The use of HCQ in this study implies its efficacy in treating the disease itself, Immanuel pointed out.

Within hours, the video had been completely deleted or covered with a “fake news” label by virtually every social media platform. Major news outlets scrambled to discredit the doctors, focusing on Dr. Immanuel’s unconventional religious beliefs as proof that her observation must not be true.” From this Article  [1]from Medical Freedom Pac.

Nurses and medical staff in hospitals are ordered to keep quiet about the actual numbers and facts concerning Covid-19 or risk losing their jobs. Medicines like hydroxychloroquine have been proven safe and effective, but have been criticized and discouraged. Many Governors have restricted or blocked the use of hydroxychloroquine in their state. This drug has been used and has been proven safe for the last 60 years. Doctors want to prescribe HCQ because they know it works, but some Governors will not allow it! Governors are threatening to fine the pharmacies who fill prescriptions from doctors who are prescribing HCQ for their patients with Covid-19. The fact that our Governor has more control over our medical treatment than our own doctors is horrifying.

Dozens of doctors have attested to these gross errors, exposing the lies, and calling these excessive controls a “Hoax.” Many of the social distancing practices that supposedly keep us safe are at best, minimally effective, and through fear, they cause more harm than good.

The Governors of Michigan and several other states rejected CDC guidelines by placing Covid-19 infected patients into nursing homes with our most vulnerable citizens. This action resulted in thousands more being infected, and hundreds of deaths. At the same time, businesses are threatened with lawsuits if someone catches Covid-19 in their business due to someone not wearing a mask. This is extremely hypocritical!

These double standards and manipulations of the truth have caused fear, panic, financial devastation, suicides, a rise in alcohol abuse, children being filled with anxiety, depression, and hopelessness, and far greater harm to our families than Covid-19. We would rather risk the infection of a virus than continue to destroy our communities. We need the courage to support one another, to gather as a community, knowing there is no perfectly safe Utopia. We refuse to live in fear, allowing it to destroy our freedom and families.


Many doctors and nurses have said that masks are minimally effective and cause more harm than good. Even Doctor Anthony Fauci, one of the top immunologists in our country, first said that masks are superficial and do not need to be worn. Then he said they only need to be worn by people who are sick, and now he has changed the narrative to everyone should wear one. Why? We doubt he found out new information about viruses because he has been studying them for 40 years. I believe it is to keep people in fear in order to continue the lockdown as long as possible, especially through the election.

We see these masks as being very symbolic of the “cover-up.” The cover-up of free speech, the cover-up of the truth, the cover-up of freedom, the cover-up of our government, and the plan to implement more mandatory controls that supersede our Constitutional Rights. Medical officials have recommended a certificate of good health to allow people to go anywhere. In the name of safety and fabricated fear, the Marxist-Socialist plan is working. Cause as much anxiety, fear, disruption, and chaos as possible, and people will accept more controlling regulations in order to get back to “normal.” Do you really believe the protests-riots and great civil unrest that is happening now, alongside this supposed pandemic, is a coincidence? Do you really believe that the rioters and protesters are the “good guys,” and the police who try to keep law and order are the “bad guys?” This chaos and excessive control for Covid-19 is an organized attack against our Constitutional freedoms orchestrated by the Deep State. It is up to us to Stop the MASKuerade and expose the cover-up. There are books that expose the Deep State, proving it is not a “conspiracy theory.”

Our government and media keep telling us there is a “new normal” and that things will never return to how they were.

To which we respond; “We the People of this County will determine our “new normal” and not our government or media. Our “new normal” is to stand up against tyrannical governments and stand for our Constitutional Rights!

Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. The government is an agent for the people, and when said government becomes self-serving, oppressive, and over-reaching, they surrender the powers granted to them from the governed.


435 Belgian medical doctors and 1,439 medically trained health professionals signed an open letter to show the facts about Covid-19 and urged an end to the overbearing lockdowns. Millions of Americans are only hearing one side of the medical opinion. Maybe you will believe doctors from Belgium who are not swayed by the political forces in America.
Check out this article [2] for more information.


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